Whether you’re an audiophile using a digital music player, a DJ-in-training, or just someone who wants to send great sounding audio from one room to another, this list of unique and often obscure controllers is sure to please.

With so many Internet radio stations now accessible by any device, the proliferation of digital music players is overwhelming their limited range of features. 

While many music lovers use dedicated hardware as a way of eliminating the need for any software at all from one end of the house to the other, mixing high quality audio without having to resort to computer software or multimedia PCs, others love using controllers for unique effects and presentation styles.

Whatever your needs are, here are some of the best controllers on the market to help you achieve it. Websitesetuper has some more information about hardware controllers for separate music systems.

There are plenty of ways to listen to radio on your computer or MP3 player, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways. For example, there are also better ways to listen to radio stations on your iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Building a home audio studio is like packing for a trip to Mars: it’s difficult and you can’t bring everything. But not to worry  we’ve put together this list of the 10 must-know hardware controllers for separate music systems, to simplify and maximize your setup. Come explore our list and find your perfect controller today!

Home Audio Systems: A Guide for Beginners

1.Numark NV II Mixer Console with VDJ LE.

This mixer console from Numark is designed for live performances, DJ sets, or even recording sessions. It offers no less than four channels, eight input sources, two talkback microphone inputs as well as four monitor outputs with EQ on each monitor output individually. 

External talkback mic input and the large color display make this interface extremely helpful for live performances, or simply as a monitor controller.

2.Mackie Control Universal Rackmount Mixer & 24-Bit Audio Interface Controller.

This Mackie Control Rackmount mixer offers four channels, which includes sixty-four assignable faders, twelve rotary switches, eight assignable LEDs and four talkback mic inputs. This mixer also features two outputs on each channel with eight monitors available.

3.Omnidirectional Live Performance Mixer with VDJ LE by Novation.

The Omnidirectional Mixer from Novation is a sturdy and reliable mixing interface for live performances or recording sessions. He has two channels, with four internal assignable faders on each channel and on each channel, on the left and right. Each channel has a mute switch on the front for on/off status.

4.NI Audio Kontrol 1 Digital Audio Workstation Controller.

The NI Audio Kontrol 1 is an excellent device for controlling your DAW (digital audio workstation) and computer while recording or playing live performances. The Kontrol 1 works with the major DAW software such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Pro Tools. This compact device is easy to transport and offers more than 30 controls which you can easily customize to your needs.

5.The Behringer BCF2000 Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Link for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch.

This amazing Bluetooth wireless streaming link for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch allows you to control your music via Bluetooth connection. It is compatible with all iOS devices and supports the following applications: Apple Garageband, Apple Logic, Apple Mainstage, Steinberg Cubase LE/SE/STD, Cockos Reaper, Avid Pro Tools Mobile HD or any App that requires basic transport controls. This device will help you to create music like never before!

6.M-Audio Axiom 25 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller (Black).

The M-Audio Axiom 25 USB MIDI keyboard controller is an excellent choice for somebody who wants to combine the benefits of both a full-size and a portable keyboard. It comes with 25 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, eight knobs and eight MIDI-assignable switches. The Axiom 25 also features 10 assignable faders and five buttons that you can set for any function through your computer or any mobile device!

7.Mackie ProFX8 8-Channel Portable Mixer.

This professional sound mixing device from Mackie offers eight channels and more than 20 on-board effects including compressor, limiter, 3 band equalizer as well as delay and reverb effects. It also offers two built-in stereo power amps. 

With the Mackie ProFX8, you can easily mix multiple sources and handle up to 250 watts of continuous power.

8.Roland A-49 USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller (Black).

The Roland A-49 works with DAWs (digital audio workstations) like Logic Pro, Ableton Live or Pro Tools. This device features 49 keys which are velocity sensitive and aftertouch capable, making your music come to life. The A-49 keyboard is also equipped with eight knobs, eight buttons and a ribbon controller. It is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP SP3 or higher.

9.Korg Kross 88 Key Mini Workstation Controller & Arranger Workstation.

This device features 88 fully-weighted keys which are velocity sensitive and aftertouch capable, giving your music a professional sound. The Korg Kross also offers USB MIDI connection so you can easily connect it to your computer or mobile device via USB cable. It is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later as well as Windows XP SP 3 or later.

10.Tascam US-122 Pocket Studio .

This device features 8 tracks, eight internal effect sends, 8 assignable insert effects slots, an internal mixer section with two channels and two internal mic/line inputs. It is also equipped with a USB port for easy connection to your computer or mobile device. 

The Tascam US-122 is extremely portable and lightweight! You can take it anywhere to record studio quality sounds in the recording studio or perform live!

When you are planning on investing in separate music systems for your home, remember to make sure there are plenty of controls available to make recording and mixing easier.


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