How to Get More Results Out of Your Crypto Guest Post

by Ethan More
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The internet is a big place with endless avenues for publishing your content. Unfortunately, most of these avenues are not worth your time (or money). The number one platform you should be capitalizing on is Crypto Guest Post.

Crypto Guest posting has been proven to generate more organic traffic and links than traditional publishing platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora. In order to make the most out of this opportunity, we need to get creative with crypto igaming.

1. Add Images

Images are essential to success on Crypto Guest Post. They increase your chance of getting accepted and they add a layer of depth to your article. Most people trolling the pages are looking for charts, graphs, and data that they can read at a glance. If you want to be the best, be sure to include these items.

2. Have a Unique Angle or Twist

When you submit an article on Crypto Guest Post or any other platform for that matter, you are competing for space with hundreds (if not thousands) of other authors making similar submissions. The papers that stand out from the rest tend to come from authors who have unique angles or twists on popular topics .

3. Build Up the Community

Not only will building up a following help you to grow your engagement, it can also be used as leverage for adding backlinks to your website or getting more shares on your content. If you are looking for a place to start, look no further than Steemit – the blockchain-based content platform that pays users for their posts ($200+ per post). Site detail is here.

4. Submit Your Content Directly

This is one of the most well-known tricks in the book, but still underutilized by most writers. One of the best ways to get more traffic and exposure is by submitting your article directly (instead of going through an aggregator). Many of these sites have publishing options that allow you to directly publish your content on their website.

5. All or Nothing Approach

There will be times when you submit an article and it gets ignored. This is all part of the game and not reason to worry. Instead of spending time analyzing what went wrong, take a beat and ask yourself why the site didn’t respond? Was it because you crossed a line with your topic or your tone? Or was it due to something more technical like the length, formatting, or platform (content not hosted on Crypto Guest Post). If there is one thing we can learn from this scenario is that we need to be prepared for rejection… and lots of it. But, if we follow the tips above, it should be easy enough to get through.

6. Take Advantage of the Tools

Crypto Guest Post provides some pretty helpful tools to help you maximize your results. If you haven’t already, head over there and take a look around off page seo – they have everything from style guides and templates to free ebooks and even a jobs board.

7. Be Aggressive (but Be Smart)

When it comes to guest posting, activities like trolling and spamming are frowned upon – DON’T DO IT! But what I am suggesting is that you should be aggressive in your approach… but don’t go overboard.

When submitting content to Crypto Guest Post, you should be using a keyword strategy that is geared around your message . This means you are looking for a specific phrase that will help to make your article stand out from the rest. But, instead of just submitting something that fits the bill, go as far as possible. If you believe your content can be better than something else being submitted, submit it directly. This is also a good time to use an outreach tool like Steemit’s “Guest Post Submission Tool” to get more in touch with site moderators.

8. Be Selective With Your Content

Content should not be an afterthought in the process of guest posting. Instead, be sure you are utilizing your time wisely. If you can do it in batches and throw out content that isn’t gaining traction (or if it’s being rejected), there is no need to keep it around.

9. Be Careful With Your Linking Materials

When you submit guest articles to a website, you are going to be putting your link at the bottom of their page – this is against their terms of service because they don’t allow this type of behavior. So, what do they actually do? They give authors a chance to self-reject and remove your link before publishing or they simply remove it altogether. You can prevent this by creating the links on your own platform and only linking them when necessary (e.g. your link is relevant to the content).

10. Be Friends with the Site Owner and Get Them to Like Your Content

The most powerful way to get free guest posts is by having a personal relationship with an admin on Crypto Guest Post. (Most of the time, this will require community moderation of blockchain – but I am just throwing in a suggestion here.) If you have a good relationship, they are more likely to allow you to submit your articles directly. They may even get you more exposure based on our mutual friendship (and reciprocate by linking back to your website). This can work both ways… it doesn’t matter if they follow you back or not, as long as they see that you also see value in their content.

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