Free Printable Graph Paper [PDF Formats, Online Template]

A graph paper consists of square fine lines. Some people also called graph paper a grid paper, co-ordinate paper, square paper etc. All these paper are same. They all come under the category of graph paper. So, now I ‘m going to tell you about graph papers, there different formats, printable graph paper and all about free printable graph papers. You basically need graph paper for educational purposes, when you want to analyze something, to give any predictions by collecting data and interpreting it. These graph papers are also used for mathematical functions, for business analysis also.

If I talk about normal hard graph paper then they are difficult to carry and to plot data over there. As while doing your work there might be chances that we can write wrong value, then whole graph paper can be get wasted. So, here comes the concept of printable graph papers. Printable graph papers are easy to edit. You can easily write down the values and can do interpretations. You can use printable graph paper whenever you want. They are easy to carry and off course they remain safe in your system or doc file. Printable graph papers are graph papers which are available on your laptops, PC, some mobiles also. Or you can easily save them and use them whenever you want to. On the other hand your might be chances that you can misplace the normal graph paper. In this article I will also give you information about different kind of graph papers, about whom you might be not aware of.

Printable Graph Paper full Page

Printable graph papers are of different shapes and sizes. So, here first I’m telling you about printable graph paper with full page. Full page graph papers are simple graph paper but sometimes you need graph paper of full page. Then you can easily find out full-size graph paper form internet. This full-size graph paper is of covers the full page of printer so, you can easily take the download of this and then can use it. This will cover all grid lines on the page. No blank space will be available on this. Here, I’m attaching image of full-page printable graph paper. You can see below:

Free Graph Paper Download

Normally, when you need any graph paper, you go outside and purchase the graph paper. But when we talk about printable graph paper yon can easily download a graph paper from the internet to your system. And then can make changes as per your wish. To download graph paper you need only one thing i.e. good internet connection, which is the most important to take download.  In the previous era, you need to go outside just to buy a simple graph paper. But now, during this technology time, you can easily find out graph papers as per your requirements on the internet and then can download it. And the most important thing is these graph papers are freely available on the internet. You have no need to pay for it.

Graph Paper PDF

You can also save your graph paper in PDF format. The best part of graph paper PDF is once you are done with your work and then you don’t you make any changes or modification in your graph paper you can save it. And then it will not be easy for anybody to edit your graph paper. No one can make changes on your PDF graph paper. Or if you want to make changes than firstly you will need to convert the format from PDF to other, so make sure once you done with your work. Recheck it again than save it.

Graph paper PDF are consider as save zone for someone as it is difficult for other person to edit data. They can only see it but can’t make modifications.

Printable Graph Paper with the Axis

I told you earlier that I will also discuss formats of graph papers. Here, is the graph paper with an axis. It is used to do 2 dimensional works. There are basically two axis in graph paper. One is x-axis and second is y-axis. As we all know the paper contains two sides one is horizontal and second is vertical. The horizontal line is considered as the x-axis and the second one that is vertical axis is considered as y-axis.  At the origin point these two lines intersect each other or we can say, while plotting these two straight lines they get intersected that point is considered as the origin point. You can easily get the printable graph paper with an axis and can download them for further use.

Custom Graph Paper

Custom graph papers are those graph papers, which you can make by yourself. Sometimes you want graph paper as per your requirement but you are not able to find out the exact one. So, here comes the concept of custom graph paper. Simply the custom word relates to make something. So, here you are going to custom a graph paper for yourself. You can decide your color of graph, size of graph paper, distance between lines, width of lines, scaling etc. You just need to be aware about what kind of graph paper you want. All the specifications should be clear in your mind. Than you can make your own graph paper as the way you want to.


Graph Paper Online drawing

The main misconception about graph paper is that the graph paper are used for statistical analysis, mathematical functions etc. But we can also use graph paper for drawing purpose. Graph paper helps to draw perfect drawings. It helps to improve your drawing skills. You can easily make curves and line on graph paper. Moreover it helps to draw 3D drawings also. So, I think here your misconception about graph paper for mathematical purpose has been removed by me. Now, these graph papers for drawing are available online you can easily download it or save it then you can use it for drawing. There you need to plot dots of the pictures than you just only need to make curves and lines on the graph paper. It really helps to improve drawing skills.

Graph Paper Template word

In the Word you can find different kind of templates of graph paper. If you don’t want to use the simple same format of graph paper again and again, then you can see different kind of templates of graph paper in the Word. There is variety of graph papers. You just only need to select any one as per your wish. One more advantage of word template is you can make changes in these templates also as per your requirements and can show your creativity to make these simple graph papers attractive and eye-catching. You can choose any template and then can use it for your work which you want to perform on graph paper. Here, I’m providing you the sample of graph paper template word, below:

Graph Paper 1 Centimeter /Graph Paper 8 ½ x 11

1 centimeter graph papers are standard graph paper and are available very easily. You don’t need to search a lot to find 1 centimeter graph paper. 8 ½ x 11 is the standard size of graph papers. These kinds of graph papers are used for mathematical calculations for business purposes. These graph papers are also available in different sizes likes 1 inch, ½ inch. 3/8 inch, ¼ inch, or 1 centimeter also. All these are lies under standard format of graph papers. You can understand about the lines and curves very easily through these graph papers


Printable Graph Paper A4

A4 is the standard size of printer’s page. So, if you want to take printout of printable graph paper, then you can select A4 size graph paper. There are various sizes of graph paper. You need to choose graph paper having size A4. These sizes of graph papers are easily available. You can save them or download them into your system and then you just only to give print command. Or there are some links also which directly provide the print out option; you need not to download it first. And after that you can use your graph paper. These A4 graph papers are similar as other simple graph papers but there size is different only. There is no other change in these types of graph papers.


Online Graph Paper

There are many types of graph papers and formats of graph papers, as I discussed with you. Now, you will thing from where you can take all these formats of graph papers. You can take any kind of graph paper which you want from online. All different kinds of graph papers are available on the internet. You can easily download these graph papers. And you can make changes to these online graph papers. It is very easy to make changes in these graph papers you just only need to write down values or color combination etc as per your desire. In this way, you can also do editing in these online graph papers.

Free Graph Paper Template

You don’t want to use same graph paper again and again than there are many templates available online which you can use to store data. And these graph papers are available for free of cost. You don’t need to buy these templates or purchase it. You just only need to download these graph papers. There is variety of graph papers available on the internet. You can choose any of them as per your requirements.

Interactive Graph Paper

These graph papers are used for mathematical purposes. These graph papers are used to interpret data, or analysis purposes, to check functionalities in the mathematics. These graph papers include two axes.  These graph papers include co-ordinates also. You can compare different values in this interactive graph paper. These x-axis and y-axis are made and then interpretations are done. For making functions of trigonometry these types of interactive graph papers are used. So, if you need to do any mathematical task then you should go for these graph papers.

Graph Paper Notebook

Sometimes you need to use many graph papers not a single page of graph. Then you should go for graph paper notebook. Notebook contains the bundle of graph papers. Sometimes you need to do long calculations or search and for that you need more than one graph page to conclude your data analysis. If you go to the market to purchase this notebook of graph paper it will cost large amount. But if you use printable graph paper, it will cost nothing. You can easily download graph paper notebook online.

Co-ordinate Graph Paper

Co-ordinate graph papers include x-axis and y-axis. Co-ordinate axes are used to check line system in mathematics or for making bar graphs etc. When you need to find co-relation between two values than you can choose these co-ordinate graph paper. These two axes represent two different data lines. And then you can plot dots as per data values of respective axis.  You can get these co-ordinate graph papers very easily on the internet.

Polar Graph Paper

Polar graph papers are the graphs which have different angles and radials. You need to set particular angle or radials and then inches and centimeter for these graph papers. You can easily get online polar graph paper. And you can edit these polar graph papers angles and radials as per your requirements, and then you can save it or download it. Polar graph papers also come with co-ordinate system representation also. Here, in polar graph it is in circle representation and it includes small arcs in it. I’m providing you the image of polar graph paper below:


Blank Graph Paper

Blank graph paper only consists of grid lines in it. It does not include any specifications. You will get graph paper with small squared boxes. After that you can enter data in it as per you want to. It is in blank format. You can easily get this blank graph paper online or in word template also. You can use this graph paper for any purpose as you want to use as it is in blank form, you can mark both axis on it to make it co-ordinate graph paper. Or you can simply use it for drawing purpose or for making curves and lines etc.

It is all about printable graph papers which I discussed above in this section. I tried to cover all the sections, formats, types of graph papers and usability of printable graph papers in this article. Now, it’s your turn, you need to write your feedback on the comment section below regarding this article. I hope you like this article. Thank you very much for visiting here.