youtube is an example of what type of social media site quizlet

by Radhe Gupta
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I’ve seen many people ask themselves this question on youtube. Do you actually need that site anymore? It used to be that if you had a facebook it was a social media site, but I’ve seen that people use it for a lot of other things.

YouTube is at the very least a great way to look at some of the most popular and interesting videos from the past year and a half. Ive seen a lot of videos from a lot of different perspectives, and it was cool to learn more about a lot of people doing the same thing.

YouTube is probably the most popular social media site on the planet, and its popularity is growing every day. With a million users watching a million videos every day, it is also a relatively safe place to be, so that’s a bonus.

The thing with YouTube is some of the videos that get the most views have already been done by others, but with the addition of “replay” and “comment”, there’s a whole new world of creativity that is open to us. Here is one thing we have learned about youtube’s user base: It’s not just the people who view the videos, but the people who like and comment on the videos as well.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I’ve noticed the most comments are on the videos that get the most views. Some of these comments are of people who have made no real effort to comment and who’ve just made a simple joke. I see a lot of this with many of the comments on videos that get the most views.

Its not a coincidence, but it also isn’t all bad. The creators of the videos we are commenting on are, in fact, people who do, in fact, like our videos. Just because an individual likes a video doesn’t mean they agree with its content. Its not that the creator of a video can’t enjoy a certain video. They just have to go through the hassle of making it themselves.

Its just not the case anymore. We can see the creators of the video we are commenting on on Youtube by our own eyes, so theyre not really that anonymous, but we can still read through their comments and see who they like and dislike, and what they think about what we (or the video) have to say.

On Youtube, there is no moderation. The creator of a video either has a large following or a ton of views. They can either like or dislike something, or they can make a video just to show what other people are doing. There is no middle ground. Youll know exactly what they are going to say.

The YouTube video has to be a good one and have no annoying commercials or “spoilers” you dont want to see. It has to be an entertaining video that you think youll be able to watch again and again. If it is just a video where the creator is just going to rant about how annoying someones voice is, good luck.

You might ask, “what is it with YouTube and people like this?” Well, it’s simple. YouTube is a social media site where people share videos. You can like or dislike what videos others are making and you can even make your own videos. While this is great and it can make you feel like youre part of the fun and the social part of YouTube, it can also make you feel like youre in the middle of a video, not the driver.

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