Pokémon: Dragonair Evolution

Dragonair is one of the most intriguing Pokémon in the series. It can be found at different levels, depending on what game you are playing. In the first generation games, it was available at level 35 and evolved into Dragonite at level 55. However, in later generations, these numbers changed to 45 and 60 respectively. This blog post will discuss how to get your Dragonair evolution as fast as possible!

Level 45:

The best way to get your Dragonair evolution is at level 45. This will usually be the fastest and easiest method of getting your Dragonair, as you can find a wild one in Victory Road or even catch one in Viridian Forest before heading through Route 22! All you have to do is keep going south until you reach Viridian Forest, and then enter! The wild Dragonair in here are level 45.

Level 60:

If you would rather use the evolution stone method to get your Dragonair Evolution, this might be a good option for you. You can find them at Mossdeep City or Sky Pillar depending on what generation game that you’re playing! However, this will take a little more time.

In the fourth generation game, you’ll have to go through Meteor Falls until you find an item called Draco Plate which is in one of those rock cracks with water flowing out from them. This Draco Plate gives your Dragonair the Draco Meteor ability, which is what you need for it to evolve into a Dragonite. You’ll also have to teach it, Hyper Beam, before using up your Draco Plate!

Level 55:

If you are playing the second generation game, then you can get your Dragonair evolution at level 55! This is done by going to Victory Road and catching one there.

Level 30-45 (depending on what generation):

You could also use the rare candy method if you are playing the first-generation game. You will have to collect and give a level 30-45 rare candy to your Dragonair, which can be found at Victory Road!

If you are in the third generation game, then all you need is an air cutter TM (which can be obtained from Route 12) or a Dragon Scale (which can be found at the Safari Zone). You will need to teach it air cutter and use a Dragon Scale.

Level 70:

In the fifth generation game, all you need is 200Pt and 2000C (which can be found in routes 15-17) and you’re good to go!

Level 80:

In the sixth generation game, you’ll need to trade with another player. You can either do this by finding a trading partner in one of your games or through an internet connection at a Pokémon Center. Make sure that if it’s going to be someone on the Internet who trades their Dragonite for your Dragonair, they have your Dragonair a type change.

Level 100:

In the fifth generation game, you’ll need to get your hands on an item called Draco Plate which can be won from Route 12 and show to Eusine at Mahogany Town. This will teach your Pokémon what to move Draco Meteor so just make sure that it knows this move before you do this.

After evolving your Dragonair, it’ll start off at level one and will learn a move called Protect. This is an attack that prevents all damage done to you for the next turn only but unfortunately, Draco Meteor does not get learned so make sure it knows this before defeating Drake in Victory Road! What Level Does Dragonite Evolve Into Dragonair?  Pokémon: Dragonair Evolution

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