Speed of Goku: Fastest Human Alive?

by Marco Harry
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Goku, the most powerful fighter in Dragon Ball Z and many other anime series, is known for his speed. But how fast is he really? He has been shown to be faster than light, so that means he would have to travel at 299,792 km/s. In order to come close to this number, we will need some scientific equations.

How fast can a person run? A human can reach speeds of up to 45km/s or 22 mph according to Google’s calculator. So how much farther does Goku have leftover then? If you do the math using those numbers and convert it into meters per second (299,792 km/s divided by 45km), you get 68 million kilometers per second or 193 million miles per hour. That means that Goku would need to travel at 68,000 times the speed of sound in order to be able to reach lightspeed – and he has been shown many a time as being faster than this!

22 mph = 45 km/s divided by 22 miles which equals 9950 meters per second (MPs) or 26876 kilometers per hour (kph). So if we divide 299792kmps by 9950mps then get approximately 3288400 seconds required for one trip from Earth to Planet Namek. This result is about 25 days and 11 hours. Now, how fast is Goku? Well, he has been clocked at 1250 MPs on foot and with his Kamehameha technique not to mention the fact that if you look closely in Dragonball Z when he teleports from one spot to another it becomes clear that this isn’t a case of instantaneous travel.

So what does this mean? Well, the answer is that Goku has a top speed of 1250 MPs which means that he would need approximately 18 days and 14 hours to teleport between Earth and Planet Namek. In either case – be it on foot or with his Kamehameha technique – Goku can beat lightspeed if he wanted to but likely won’t because there are plenty of other things in DBZ worth chasing after!

Speed of Goku: Fastest Human Alive?

Sometimes Goku does not rely on his speed to get the job done – he is stronger than anything in DBZ!  His strength has been measured at 18000 tons of force which puts him way ahead of anyone else on earth!

But how fast can this really be? Well, if you’re wondering what lightspeed looks like from inside it… we don’t know because none have ever come back alive! Or even worse: some may never return home period thanks to an unfortunate intersection with time travel or alternate universes where there’s no useable gravity whatsoever. We are all very lucky that such places are kept completely out of reach!

It’s hard to say for sure because the show doesn’t focus on it too much, but he has been known to tackle people at speeds faster than sound and fly as quickly as a jet plane without really breaking a sweat. That puts him in the range of Mach-60 or even higher… which means that lightspeed may not be his limit after all!  A fighter like this could come to any time period they wanted with no problem whatsoever, and if Earth becomes endangered by an incursion from some otherworldly dimension then he might just do so regardless of what anyone else says about it! The world needs more heroes like Goku who are willing to defy the odds and put themselves in harm’s way for what they believe is right.

It might not be as fast as lightspeed (or even that he can go there at all), but it’s still an impressive speed! One of the fastest humans alive, if not THE fastest human alive…  When you’re fighting people with weapons or powerful beam attacks then being able to dodge them quickly becomes a huge part of your strategy; so how could Goku ever hope to hang around against someone like Beerus when his movements are just too slow? But maybe he doesn’t have to worry because his power level should give him some kind of edge over any opponent, no matter who it is…

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