We have all been guilty of it, myself included. Social media sites and blogs are so popular they have caused so much damage to the way we communicate. Not to mention that it is the most important part of our day, and we are in the habit of sharing everything we post with each other. So much so that our conversations are now being viewed by a larger number of people than our actual friends.

This problem is not new. But in the last few years we’ve seen more and more of the damage caused by social media oversharing and the resulting damage to our relationships. So why does social media oversharing feel like a problem in 2016? Because we have all become so used to sharing our lives with each other and we feel like we have to share more of our lives with our friends and social media sites.

One reason why we feel this way is because we don’t socialize enough. We tend to be very superficial. When you’re talking to someone online it’s always a one way conversation and we don’t do much to keep people on the same page. Instead, we jump from one conversation to the next, from one person to the next. We don’t take the time to actually know each other and try to build relationships.

The internet is full of these kinds of people. People who have never met before or who are only acquaintances. I personally have found myself spending way too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites. I find that I have to spend too much time there because I have too many friends on there. I spend most of my time there trying to get more followers and followers on the websites I visit. It adds up and I end up feeling more alone and more lonely.

To me, it’s like getting addicted to drugs. I want the drugs, but I don’t want anyone to see me. So I get into a whole ‘nother circle of people who I know don’t like me. And they get into the circle, and then I find myself spending so much time on there that I feel like I have to get out of there. The circle gets larger and larger until I realize that I am alone.

The same thing goes for social media. The people who don’t want you to be there don’t like you, or don’t like you enough to want to get involved. You aren’t part of the social circle yet, so you can’t expect to be. When you get social media oversharing and you go on the sites that I visit, you feel like you’ve crossed an invisible line.

We all know we are doing things that others do, and that we can get away with it because others don’t realize we are oversharing, but we are doing these things because it is socially acceptable and not because we truly want to get away with it.

Social media oversharing is a problem. It’s not just because of the internet, it’s because we all are on social media. We use it to find people we have something in common with. We use it to find friends that like to do the same things we do. We use it to find people we have things in common with, and as a result, we get to do things we wouldn’t otherwise.

The problem is that we are oversharing. We are getting to do things we wouldn’t otherwise. If you are on social media, you are probably getting to do something you wouldn’t otherwise.

It’s not just that it is a way to find people you have something in common with, its because it is a way to find people you want to spend time with. We have all been told in our training sessions that if you need to do something on social media, it’s because you like to do it. We like to like to do the same things we do, and we like to do them in a way that people we know are into them.

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