To promote my book, I am traveling around the country for the second annual conference that will be held in Chicago, IL. I am also going to be speaking at a conference in Orlando Florida.

The first and second conferences in this series have attracted around 1,200 attendees. The third conference is scheduled for November and will have 4,000 attendees.

My book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for over two years, and I’m really hoping that it gets as much attention as the other book in the series. I am also hoping that the conferences will have a much shorter duration than the last two, as I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the world after I finish the book.

The world conference is actually a series of conferences, so the schedule is a little more dynamic.

This is the third annual world conference and the only one in the US, and I believe the first one was in 2009. Last time was held in New York and was much smaller in scope. This time the scope expands into the entire western hemisphere. As usual, lots of new programs and speakers are scheduled, and the number of attendees is expected to increase. The conference will be held at the same location as last year, the Hyatt Regency New York City.

So, as usual, lots of new programming will be held, so expect to spend a ton of time at the conference. This year, the speakers also include Ted Pardee, the co-founder of LinkedIn. He’s a well-known face in the marketing world, and also is the author of a couple of books, so I think it will be interesting to hear who else is in attendance.

Pardee is probably the most prominent person in the social media marketing world at this point, so it is bound to be a pretty good time. I personally think it will be one of the best conferences I’ve been to, and I’m looking forward to it in particular.

This year, we also have some other big names in attendance as well. One of the major sponsors is the social media marketing giant, LinkedIn. They have been involved in social media marketing for a while, and are one of the largest social media marketing companies on the planet. They are also one of the largest sponsors of the conference, and have been providing funding and support to the event.

As you can imagine, the social media marketing industry is one of the largest in the world, and LinkedIn is one of the largest. They have sponsored numerous conferences in the past, and are also one of the largest marketing companies in the world. The conference is not only about selling tools, content, and marketing strategies, but also about connecting with the entire social media marketing industry as a whole.

The conference is all about connecting with the entire social media marketing industry as a whole, but it’s more than just a conference. They also are the creators of LinkedIn Groups, as well as LinkedIn Groups for Marketing, Sales, and HR. Their events are the perfect opportunity to meet other marketing business owners from across the country who are looking to build their business and network.

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