I think it is fair to say that social media has gone through a lot of changes in 2016. Many of the changes have been positive, especially for the younger generation, but there is no denying that the conventions of these social media platforms have been changing a lot over the past year or so.

Well, we’re going to show you how they have changed, but first, we should look at the things that have stayed the same since 2011.

Twitter’s new look is as simple as it is effective. This is primarily a search platform for people who want to send out tweets. The search feature is still there, but the interface is more streamlined and accessible. The Twitter app is basically the same, but it has more search options.

The interface for Twitter is great. The only reason it isn’t better is because there isn’t a search option. There is one for searching “Twitter” but it is limited by the keywords. This is a good thing because Twitter isn’t really designed to be a social network. It’s a platform for people to send out tweets.

Yes it is. As you can see on Twitter, you can create your own Twitter profile, but you can also use the search box to find friends, fans, followers, and retweets. This is the same thing that Facebook is doing with search.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “What? The social networking site has an ‘in’ search option? I thought that was a joke!” The truth is that it is a thing. You can get a Twitter search box on Facebook, and that also works on Google+. But yes, the search bar on Twitter is limited because there are only so many keywords you can use.

The social networking site has also started what I like to call the Search Box. What this does is let you search for people by using your Twitter handle. The search box is also helpful for looking up links from other sites.

In the new social networking site there is also a search engine so you can search for Twitter handle that are related to your search term.

With these social networking sites, you can search for people you follow. It’s not as useful as I’d like, but it is a start. For instance, when you search for the person whose Twitter handle you are following, you will be able to see that person’s name, tweets, and links to his tweets. It’s a way to get a little more insight into a person you know, or at least find all the links to his tweets.

It’s a small list of things, but it’s a start.

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