personal attacks on social media

by Radhe Gupta
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I like to refer to these attacks as “personal attacks” because it is so easy to do. I don’t like to go to the “Penny for your Thoughts” table at the grocery store.

This is where we get into the personal comments that go along with a video. These are usually things like “this is a fake,” “this is your own idea,” “this is your idea,” etc. You might see a comment like this in a video, but if you notice it is a comment made by someone you know, you can get defensive.

The funny thing is that this kind of personal attack is really just a way to make people feel uncomfortable. It’s actually another way to make people feel defensive. They are feeling attacked from the outside, but they are also feeling attacked from the inside.

If the video says something you personally find offensive, then you can take action. For example, if the video says something like, “This is a lie”, then you can delete it, or you can take it down from your youtube account. Or you can start a hashtag, or you can even add a hashtag to the comment field.

You can also take any of these steps yourself. You can just follow the directions that are on the video you’re watching. Or you can just take a screenshot of the comment field.

There are several ways to get around the problem you may have if you find a video on your youtube account that is offensive or hateful. There are two that I prefer, and I often use them myself. YouTube has an automatic system that identifies any videos that are flagged as offensive or hateful. If you find a video that has been flagged, you can click on the “Report it” button under the video you want to report.

The two methods I use are to use the tool at the bottom to delete it, or to simply go to my youtube profile, scroll down, and click the arrow on the left-hand side that says “Report”. It’s almost as easy as pulling teeth.

I find the last one a little annoying. I mean, I don’t hate on people on YouTube, but if I see a video that goes over the line, I’ll delete it. Even if it is in bad taste, I can easily tell if it’s a violation of the site’s policies.

I’m sure I’m alone here, but I find the use of the Report button to be somewhat unnecessary. It seems to me that if I were to click Report, then the video would be removed as soon as I clicked on it. I just dont think it needs to be a reason to delete something. If I’m wrong, then well, I’m wrong.

As it turns out, when the video was posted, another user of a similar video uploaded a “Report” button that the user claimed was a violation of the policies of YouTube. The user that posted the video was suspended by YouTube for violating the terms of use of the site, which is how this all started.

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