Harry Potter and the Reluctant Wife: A Frictionless Fanfiction

by Marco Harry
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This is a story about Harry Potter and Fleur Delacour, written by an anonymous author. It was first published in late 2002 on the fanfiction website under the username “JKFF”. The story follows canon events until Harry’s marriage to Ginny Weasley, which occurs at the end of his seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At this point, Albus Dumbledore suggests that he marry Fleur because she is part Veela and can produce children with magical powers like himself or Voldemort (both are descendants of Salazar Slytherin). Harry is reluctant because he does not want to hurt Ginny, but eventually agrees.

They marry in early 1998. The story is told from Harry’s perspective and depicts him as a moody, introspective person who has difficulty expressing his feelings to others even though he sometimes wishes he could. (“A woman of heart and mind.”) It also contains long sentences that use extensive clauses which are difficult to understand without rereading them several times over, often causing confusion about what happened when reading it for the first time, giving an impression that this fanfiction was not properly edited.

harry is fleur’s mate fanfiction

The story begins in the summer of 1993 and ends in late 1998. Fleur has spent a significant amount of time at Hogwarts as part of her schooling, but she returns to France for Christmas that year. Harry meets up with her during this visit and they spend some time together before he finds out about his godfather Sirius Black’s death while hunting down Voldemort on December 31st when he makes an appearance at the Quidditch World Cup Final. This event sends him into a depression that lasts until October 1997 where things start to look better after meeting Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger at King’s Cross Station just before returning back to school from their holiday break. Neville Long

bottom and Luna Lovegood also move into the Gryffindor dormitory at this time.

The year of Hogwarts starts off with a bang when Harry’s future is revealed in his magical eye by Professor Trelawney that he will go around defeating Voldemort after being told about it during Divination class before Christmas break which still seems pretty far away. After spending some time with Fleur over Christmas, they have to say goodbye as she goes back home for more schooling while he remains at Hogwarts where things seem to be going well until September 1997 when Draco Malfoy takes matters into his own hands again and gets punished by getting turned into an Animagus rat who then dies from exhaustion without ever finding out what happened to him. This incident causes Harry to start questioning the way Dumbledore has been running things.

This year also marks Harry’s sixteenth birthday and his coming of age which means he will be able choose what happens in regards to him, not just go along with whatever plan someone else had for him. It doesn’t take long before he starts thinking about how much time Fleur spends on her studies and as a part Veela who will need good looks for any future career she might have, it isn’t surprising that she wants to spend all day every day studying magic. He knows there are other options like changing careers or choices but its hard to say anything when their bond gets weaker because they are apart so often.

He tries to get her some time to herself by promising not to come and bother her when she is studying but it doesn’t work, the bond between them gets weaker because they are apart so often. Soon he realizes that this was a bad idea and if anything else he needs Fleur more than ever; after all what kind of future will they have living in separate countries? What does Harry do then? He decides his only option left is just talk to Dumbledore one last time before leaving Hogwarts for good.”

This year also marks Harry’s sixteenth birthday and his coming of age which means he will be able choose what happens in regards to him, not just go along with what other people think is best for him.

He knows he needs to talk to Dumbledore one last time before leaving Hogwarts, and so after dinner they head up towards his office together. The castle seems much different now that Harry has grown used to it; in the past few months of coming back here every day its become home again.” – harry is fleur’s mate fanfiction

“As soon as they reach the gargoyle at the top of a spiral staircase which leads down into Dumbledore’s offices, Fleur takes hold of Harry’s hand tightly.”

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