A Walk Through the Woods for Blue on a Sunny Day

by Marco Harry
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“It’s blue on a sunny day in the woods!” exclaimed blue. “Time to go find some new friends, explore new places, and have some fun.”

“I wonder what they’re doing right now?” thought blue with curiosity as he set out into the unknown. Blue had been waiting for this moment all morning – it was finally time for him to see his first adventure through! As soon as he left home, blue found himself at a fork in the road where there were two paths: one more trodden than the other. There was no sign of which way led where so blue headed down whichever path looked most interesting. The trail started off easy enough but then got steep and rocky before opening up into a meadow.

It was so bright blue could see for miles, and the yellow flowers on either side of him were just starting to bloom. Blue felt his heart skip a beat when he spied something shiny in the distance – but it wasn’t until he got closer that blue realized what it was: an old castle! Feeling brave, blue ventured inside while trying not to be too overwhelmed by its size. He couldn’t help but gasp as he took in all the intricate details carved out into every surface; there were amazing paintings hanging from high up on walls, long hallways with statues lining them at regular intervals, gardens filled with beautiful plants – this place had everything!

After walking around awhile though, blue thought maybe one thing was missing – a clue to tell him what time it is. He found the clocktower, but when he looked up at its huge face with big hands pointing in all directions blue couldn’t remember if they were telling time or not! The sun was still high overhead and blue had seen clocks that told time before so maybe this one didn’t?

A few more minutes exploring turned up nothing though, so blue decided to go back outside into the sunlight. It seemed like such a shame for all of these beautiful things to be hidden away from people who could appreciate them; blue wondered if there might have once been someone living here too…

After pondering on his thoughts for awhile, blue walked out through the doorway onto the grounds where he noticed something strange. There was a statue in the middle of the lawn, and blue had never seen anything like it before!

The clear blue sky seemed to shine down on him with an extra intensity as he approached what looked to be a woman holding flowers… maybe she could tell time too? He didn’t know why that thought popped into his head but blue walked over for a closer look anyway.

He got close enough to read her inscription: “Flowers are always cheerful.” A smile slowly crept across blue’s face as he realized this must have been someone else’s forgotten treasure. The garden would stay beautiful forever now, just waiting for more people who needed beauty like he did- or even just wanted some peace from all their worries.

As only wanted a little bit of sunshine and greenery to stop by.

The blue sky seemed extra bright as he walked toward the garden’s newest treasure, reading her inscription: “Flowers are always cheerful.” It was true! The flowers would stay beautiful forever now, just waiting for more people who only want some sun and greenbelts to come visit. He could feel his own smile spreading across his face in response; it felt like there were butterflies inside him too. All because this stranger had seen what blue couldn’t see before- that even though they might be alone sometimes at least one person cared about them enough to make their place special and keep them company all winter long… blue could go on with his day knowing someone else understood how it felt to be blue.

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