There are so many things that you can do with your video gaming system other than playing games. Your video game console is a versatile piece of technology and it’s time to find out just how versatile it really is!

This article will tell you all about ways you never knew existed to use your Nintendo, Playstation or any other type of gaming system. You’ll be blown away by the 101 unusual uses listed in this article.

Bullet Point: Here are some of the unusual uses for your video game system!

-Play all sorts of DVD and CD games on it. Just hook up a controller to one of its plugs, put in a disc with an appropriate console logo printed on it, press “on” switch or eject button and presto! The graphics will be slightly compressed but that won’t matter as you’ll still get to enjoy playing Sim City 200 on your TV screen without using any other peripheral device. Want even more control? Try plugging in a mouse too and use arrow keys to navigate around town.

-Use it as an alarm clock by setting the time right before going to bed then turn off the main power at night while leaving the console plugged in. The next morning you will be woken up by an excited Mario who wants to go adventuring again!

-Use it as a display case for your action figures and dolls with just one controller cord attached to the back of its cabinet (see photo). That way, you can turn on any game at all without having to worry about running out of space or making too much noise. It’s like playing inside a dollhouse that never ends!

Bullet Point: Here are some more uses for your video gaming system!

-If you’re too lazy to get up off your couch but still want something crunchy, try this: open two bags of chips and place them near the edge where

101 Unusual Uses of Your Video Gaming System

– Use your video gaming system to create a headboard for the bed in your dorm room.

– Create a custom console using parts from broken consoles and controllers laying around the house. Add some paint or decals, and voila! You have yourself an awesome new toy!

– Keep track of how many hours you’ve logged on by marking it on the inside of your game cartridge with a Sharpie marker; this way when you’re selling them as collectors items they’ll go up in value.

– If you happen to be one of those people who is really into collecting things, use all that space under your TV stand to store games instead being used for storage.

– Turn it into a lamp by drilling holes in the bottom and inserting an LED light or string of lights that can be plugged into your console’s power supply to make for some really cool mood lighting! Or, use 100% silicone sealant from Home Depot around the edges before you drill any holes – this will help keep water out if you’re using the TV stand as a plant pot.

– Use them as nightstands next to your bed instead of having bulky furniture there taking up space. This way they also double as storage for books and other necessities like glasses (if needed), phone chargers, etc.

– Place them near the edge where people are coming inside so that anyone who is walking through the door can see your television screen. It’s a great way to show off what games you have and also it is a good idea for security if someone comes in unexpectedly because they will be able to tell that there is somebody home by seeing all of these screens on, which means no more coming into people’s homes unannounced!


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– Turn it into a lamp by drilling holes in the bottom and inserting an LED light or string of lights that can be plugged into your console’s power supply to make for some really cool mood lighting! Or, use 100% silicone sealant from Home Depot around the edges before you drill any holes – this will help keep water out if you’re not using the TV as a lamp.

– Repurpose your console by turning it into an entertainment center for another room! All you need to do is drill some holes in the back of the controller ports and screw them through the wall, then use those screws to hang up pictures or other art work from that point on out. You can also find speakers at hardware stores which have clips on one side and will act like picture hangers when installed properly so they’re not drilling any new holes only clipping onto your current frame – just take care to ensure there are no light fixtures near where these would be drilled in because they may interfere with reception if too much interference occurs.

– If someone comes over unannounced looking around your living space for valuables, you can hide your video game system by placing it in a drawer or cabinet to deter them from knowing what’s hidden inside.

– If you have kids that are constantly fighting over who gets the controller first, try turning one room into an arcade and assigning each of them their own personal joystick so they don’t need to fight for turns!

– You may not be able to get all of those old games through GameStop because there might not be any left now but if there is still some hope for getting your hands on something, then use your video gaming system as storage for these electronic items and keep playing classics like Mario Kart 64 when feelings nostalgic. It’ll also make finding older titles easier too since they’re all stored

– Add a video game system to your home alarm. When the alarm goes off, you have 20 minutes before it calls an audible warning in addition to calling emergency services and locking down the building.

– Place video games strategically around your house or property so that when someone steps on one of them they will be alarmed by a loud noise as well as feel pain from the vibrations through their feet. This also works with speakers playing animal sounds like birds chirping, coyotes howling at night, etc., which can help deter intruders because nocturnal predators are scared away by such noises.

– Video gaming systems make perfect trampolines for jumping on! If you’re outside, this is especially fun if you have a big enough yard that you can set up more than one. – Set your video games on the ground and then use them to bounce off of in order to jump higher into the air for things like basketball or volleyball. Try bouncing off of different surfaces, such as grass, pavement, brick walls, etc., and see how much difference it makes! If this is something you’re going to do often outside with friends consider investing in some small trampolines from a local sports store so that all of you will be jumping at about the same height above the ground. – Create makeshift skate ramps by propping video gaming systems upright against other objects (such as bricks) or leaning them up against stairs; make sure they

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