10 Life-Changing Kitchenaid Can Opener Tips

by Marco Harry
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The kitchenaid can opener is a kitchen appliance that has become extremely popular in the last decade, and for good reason. The kitchenaid can opener is a time-saving, space saving machine that takes all of the work out of opening cans and jars. But did you know there are other uses for your kitchenaid can openers? If you’re not using it to open cans or jars, then what else should you be doing with it? Here are 10 life-changing tips on how to use your kitchenaid can opener!

Open paint, glue, or peanut butter with the kitchenaid can opener:

cutting open a jar of paint or opening up some glue would be nearly impossible without a good knife. But with the kitchenaid can opener you just place it on top of those jars and give them a twirl! The same goes for all your tubs of peanut butter too – that’s right, even though there are usually pretty big holes in containers like these to spoon out by hand, they’re much easier to get into than trying to cut it yourself.

Screw bottle caps off wine bottles:

You’ve got an elegant dinner coming up but you realize your favorite red is now stuck at the bottom of a wine bottle? That’s ok because your kitchenaid can opener is here to help! Instead of trying to pry off the wine cap with a knife, just take your kitchenaid can opener and unscrew it right out from under.

 Open jars:

We’ve all been there – you’re hungry for something but then remember that jar of spaghetti sauce in the back of the fridge has been sitting around so long you couldn’t open it even if you wanted to? Well not anymore thanks to this handy kitchenaid can opener! Put it on top and watch as those pesky lids come flying off too.

 Get into hard plastic containers: It’s always frustrating when we try peeling things like cottage cheese or sour cream straight out of their container only half way through realize they were actually in a hard plastic container that’s thrown off our game. No more, thanks to kitchenaid can opener!

Get into cans:

We all know what it feels like when we’ve eaten two thirds of the can and realize there are still some pesky little pieces left inside – how frustrating! But not with your kitchenaid can opener. Simply hold on tight around the blade and twist until those contents come spilling out for you to enjoy.

Cut through metal or tough paper:

Maybe this one is less about making life easier but rather just entertaining, but if you’re looking for an excuse to buy this gadget in the first place then why not? It will cut through tin foil like butter so no need to worry next time someone asks “can you open this can for me?”.

 Hold on tight:

One thing that can make cutting through cans a little tricky is having to fight with the blade. That’s why it’s important to have a firm grip around kitchenaid can opener so your hand doesn’t slip and get sliced. Plus, there are no sharp edges or anything like that – just one smooth edge of metal!

 Make some noise:

If turning your kitchenaid can opener makes all sorts of clanging sounds then don’t worry because we’re not dealing with those today…instead, give yourself two minutes out of your day to enjoy the satisfying sound of metal getting cut bit by bit until nothing but empty air remains. We promise you’ll be smiling ear to ear afterward.

 Keep it simple:

You might think kitchenaid can opener is a complicated thing to use but we dare you to try and find something more straightforward than this. All you need in order to make quick work of opening a can are your two hands, one kitchenaid can opener, and the will power not to break down into tears when faced with cutting through that stubborn lid!

 Think outside the box or should we say “inside”: One way for you to have an easy time taking off those cans’ lids would be by turning them inside out. Simply stick the blade on top or under the lip of what’s left of your food container after all its contents have been devoured then turn until there’s nothing else holding.

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