Free Printable Grid Paper

Grid paper is a squared writing paper which includes fine lines to give a grid format look. Grid paper is same as graph paper or co-ordinates paper. If you have any confusion that grid paper is the different thing and graph paper is different i.e. both are separate than it is not. Graph paper and grid paper are same. But if don’t know both. Then don’t worry, I will tell you what grid paper is how many different formats of grid paper are and off course it will all about printable grid papers.

Grid papers are used for mathematics purpose. These grid papers are used for plotting 2 dimensional graphs, experimental or analysis of data, to show mathematical functions. You can also need this grid paper for any of above mentioned purpose. Normal grid papers there might be chances that they are not available when you want to use them as they are not available everywhere. You need to go outside and then purchase this grid paper. On the contrary, printable grid paper is easy to access you can easily download it from the internet whenever you need this grid paper. You no need to go outside just for buying a single grid paper. There are many formats of grid paper. You can download any one as per your requirement. On which grid paper you want to draw your work. If you are not aware of different formats of grid paper, no need to be sad. I will discuss all formats and after that, you can get to know which grid paper you want for your work.

Printable Grid Paper

Before moving to the printable grid paper let’s first discuss history regarding gird paper. Grid paper was first published by Dr. Buxton of England in 1794, but this grid paper includes rectangular grid lines. After that H.S Hall and S.R. Knight in 1906 stated “squared grid lines” in an edition of “Mathematics of Algebra”. They stated also stated that this grid lines should be of good quality and should follow the rule of one inches to tenths of inches squared box. So, this is a brief introduction about history of grid paper. I thought you should know about. Printable grid paper comes in all formats as per you want you can easily access through required printable paper. Printable grid papers are soft copies of grid paper. You can use them on your systems, PC, laptops, mobiles etc.

There is variety of grid papers. I will discuss here. I’m listing all the formats of grid paper below:

  • 1 inch grid paper
  • Centimeter grid paper
  • Graphing paper PDF
  • Free grid paper printable
  • Online Grid Paper
  • Isometric Grid Paper
  • Co-ordinate Grid Paper
  • Hex Grid Paper

Now, I will explain all these formats in this article. If you are aware about these formats, it’s good otherwise today you are going to aware all about grid paper till the end of this article. So, let’s begin to discuss all these formats in detail.

One Inch Grid Paper

One inch grid paper is mostly office work or professional work. This kind of grid Paper is widely used as compare to other formats. Size of this grid paper is 8 ½ x 11. If you want to use grid paper and you are not aware of which grid paper format you have to use than you can use this standard of grid paper. Standard graph paper can be of 1/10 inches, ¼ inches, 3/8 inches or ½ inches. All these are standard formats of grid paper. Here, I will provide you the sample of one-inch grid paper so, that you can easily use the grid paper without getting confused with other formats.

Centimeter Grid Paper

One centimeter grid papers are very easily available. For a beginner, he/she should start plotting graph on one centimeter grid paper. Here, in one-centimeter grid paper all the squared boxes are of one centimeter each. The size of this kind of grid paper is 8 ½ x 11. You can easily understand the division and can plot lines very easily in this grid paper. Most commonly used grid paper is this grid paper. Mostly used for mathematical purposes. Particular measurements are not assigned to you than you can use this centimeter grid graph. I’m listing the centimeter grid graph sample.

Graphing Paper PDF

As, I discussed above that there are various kind of formats of grid papers, which are required by you to store data and to do analysis, then here for that there is option of Graphing paper PDF. You can easily take any kind of format from PDF folder. There are various kinds of formats available in PDF. You can easily download or save any format as per you want to. We all know basic advantage of PDF is we can’t edit data from PDF format. So, once you opted the desired format of grid graph and done with storage of data you can easily save your data and then no one edit your data from PDF file. So, you can choose grid paper PDF if you want to safe your data so, that others can’t edit it. Just save your data and use it for analysis purpose whenever you want to analyze the data.

Once you saved the data in PDF folder it is a little bit difficult to edit it. So, save data once you are sure that you don’t want to edit it.  Because for editing data in PDF grid graph you need to convert PDF file to other format. It will consume lots of time also. So, try to save data when you are sure that you don’t need any changes in your PDF grid graph.


Free grid Paper Printable

There are many printable grid paper formats available in free of cost. You no need to purchase any grid paper. You can download it for free and can use them. This printable grid paper is available on internet. You can download grid paper format as you want than can interpret data in this printable grid paper. In this printable grid paper you can choose grid paper in which highlights border lines, or squared boxes etc. There are two axes in grid paper: x-axis and y-axis. These are horizontal and vertical lines. You can use this printable grid graphs which highlights these axes. This will get to know more information about line and curves which you need to draw in grid paper. So, you can download this type printable grid paper also. And the biggest advantage is this, the printable grid paper are available in free of cost. You no need to go outside and pay money to purchase this grid paper. And also you can make changes in this printable grid papers very easily which you can’t do on normal grid papers or hard copy of grid papers.

Online grid paper

There are many grid papers which are available online. You can easily take printout or download these grid papers. You just only need good internet connection. There are many internet websites on which you go and can see there are many types of grid papers in variety of formats. You can download these grid papers from here. Sometimes you don’t get the required grid graph on your system. Then you can take help of internet to use grid paper.

Online grid papers are very easy to edit. You can edit your grid paper online also. You just need put your data information and you will get required grid paper with data plotting.

Isometric Grid Paper

Isometric grid paper is also known as 3D grid paper. It comes in triangular form. It contains equilateral triangle which contains small triangles with grid of 600 .   This grid graph includes 6 small triangles in a grid and gives a form of hexagon. Because of this it gives 3 dimensional look. This type of grid paper is used to plot embroidery items. You can also use this grid graph to draw angles. If you want to draw 3D graphs than you should choose isometric grid paper not the simple grid paper as it will become tough for you to plot the desired item on that 2-D grid paper.

Co-ordinate Grid paper

Co-ordinate grid paper includes two axis i.e. x-axis and y-axis. The horizontal line shows x-axis and the vertical line is denoted as y-axis. These co-ordinate grid papers are used to plot 2 dimensional data. You can interpret your data on the basis of horizontal and vertical lines and then can find the conclusion or result out of this interpretation you have performed in this grid paper.

These co-ordinate grid papers are mostly used when you have two data and you want to find co-relation between them. That is you want to check how one data is affecting other value. Than this type of grid papers are used.


Hex-Grid Paper

In the above discussion, I’m using the term square grid while discussing grid papers. But now in case of Hex Grid Paper there is no square grid in this paper. This hex-grid paper includes hexagons. This type of paper is used for mapping game boards, design tiles or to draw map for selecting paths. This kind of grid papers are mostly used by engineers, architectures etc. Here, I’m giving the sample of hex-grid paper which will help you to imagine about or you get to know about how Hex grid paper appears.

These are some formats of grid paper I discussed in this article hope you get to know interesting knowledge about grid papers. Please write your feedback about this article below in comment section. J